¿Quién puede negar que no sea un juego ese denominar estrellas
y ver un dibujo que tanto puede ser de un carro como de una osa?

  • Portada colección Constel.lacions de Olga Muxart


    Meaning constellation, this collection is inspired by playing, and more specifically by playing with constellations. This is a collection where each set of jewelry, depending on its arrangement and lines, evokes a constellation that has already been named or that is yet to be...

    Among the many stars in the sky, only a few have been given names and, as a consequence, we consider them as "existing". The most famous, the Big Chariot or Ossa Major, includes seven stars with dreamlike names: Mizar, Aloth, Alkaid, Megrez, Phecda, Dube and Merak.

    For children, nothing is as serious as playing, and for adults either. Because playing comes with no before or after, it comes and goes by itself, it asks to live in the present and do so intensely...

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  • Portada colección Astres de Olga Muxart


    Astres collection is inspired by the planets, comets, and stars....

    Elements that shine, either because they are their own light or because they take their brightness from another star.

    Our Astres jewelry, with or without gemstones, are pieces that shine.
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